Monday, May 16, 2022

Vote Now Barossa!

Vote Now Barossa!

>> Encouraging the region to “vote 1 Barossa” are Jane Pfeiffer, who helped create the voter’s choice award winning scarecrow; Jenny O’Brien, Barossa Vintage Festival Director; Carla Wiese-Smith, parade convenor and her eight month old son, Oskar Redman.

The Barossa Vintage Festival Committee is rallying the troops for a battle royale in a bid to win a coveted SA Tourism Award.

The Tourism Industry Commission of SA (TicSA) has shortlisted the 2021 Barossa Vintage Festival in the Festivals and Events category, making it eligible to win  the Voters’ Choice Tourism Award if enough people get online and vote.

Jenny O’Brien, Barossa Vintage Festival Director said the event and the volunteers behind it deserved to be celebrated, especially after enduring an “incredibly tough 16 months” leading up to the event due to the global pandemic.

The Barossa’s community spirit prevailed, with the region banding together to put on over 75 events, attracting thousands of attendees and, perhaps most spectacularly, putting on the first community parade in Australia since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The success of the Festival is testament to the community and their love for the biennial event.”

As TicSA’s Voter’s Choice award is decided by the public, Jenny is urging everyone to get online to “vote now” before the competition closes on October 11.

She is summoning that same generosity of spirit which in the face of adversity, brought such a resilient community together and enable the Festival to go ahead and be “one of the greatest yet”.

“We couldn’t have done it without the community, our volunteers, local businesses, and sponsors. So, once again, we are calling on you!”

“The success of the Festival is testament to the community and their love for the biennial event.”

- jenny o'brien, festival director

Regional Tourism Manager, Jess Greatwich said the 2021 Barossa Vintage Festival was a brave venture in the face of an unpredictable global crisis and acknowledge all those who worked hard and persisted with continuing the important community tradition.

“Winning Voter’s Choice does not just mean excellence for the Festival,” Jess added.

“Winning this award means the Barossa Vintage Festival, and by extension, the entire Barossa, will be recognised state-wide for its incredible efforts in supporting and rejuvenating our region’s tourism industry, and the community as a whole.

“This would be the most perfect end to an incredible 2021 Barossa Vintage Festival!”

To vote for the Barossa Vintage Festival, click the button below or go to and select Barossa Vintage Festival 2021.


Voting closes at 9am,
Monday 11 October