Treasure in The Pines exposed

The Pines committee vice president, Mike Patching and fellow member, Carol Absolom, with Jesse Zito, Light Regional Council walking down the recently revealed water channel. Photo by Greg Mickan.

The workmanship of a bygone era has been unearthed at The Pines Conservation Reserve, adding even more depth to the history of one Kapunda’s favourite destinations.

President of the Pines Reserve committee, Mr Greg Mickan said parts of a stone-wall water channel running through the Reserve were visible and the committee decided it was time to expose its hidden secrets.

With shovels and rakes in the hand, volunteers toiled away during a series of working bees over the past six months, scraping at the walls to reveal the water channel which is believed to be built in 1878.

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But there was more to be found in this treasure hunt.

“It was recently discovered that the dry-stone structure included the floor of the channel,” Greg said.

“Thanks to the co-operation of Light Regional Council, a broom attachment for the skid steer/street sweeper was utilised to remove the dirt and debris, exposing the incredible craftsmanship of the workmen who constructed the water channel.”

Greg encouraged people to take a look at the impressive find.

“Now is an ideal time to visit The Pines, not only to see the water channel, but to take in the spring colours, in particular, the Golden Wattle which is in bloom.”