Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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As a business in this current climate, it has become a very difficult time to navigate. Where the environment is changing daily, people are looking for stable and accurate information.

Shop Local is a simple concept focussed on highlighting our local businesses and their staff. With continued support from our community, we can all will assist in keeping their doors open and products and services available.,

With swift changes to the everyday operations and offerings across all industries, each business is needing to adapt in unique ways to both continue to operate and provide both safe and convenient options for their customers..


>> The Real Pantry family, Blake, Donna, Toby and Justin Forshaw with a range of wholesome food.

Given the current climate, has your business altered its offering or customer experience?

If so, are any of these changes likely to be long term?

We have been lucky to be supported so well by our local and loyal customers.

While we have now returned to normal trading hours, we still offer the option to pack your shopping list for you to pick up.

This is something we introduced while we had restricted hours to make it easier and it has been well received.

Tell us the story of your business?

Who are the people behind your business, what makes you proud to be a business owner?

We are the Forshaw family, Donna, Justin, our sons Blake and Toby. We also have the awesome support of our staff Emma Watkins and Kate Gabel.

After years of trying to make better choices for health, wellness and minimise our own environmental footprint, we decided it would be great to make it easier for others too.

We can help to take the guesswork out of making good choices and there is no need to decipher all of the jargon and marketing that often goes with it.

In your opinion, why is it important now more than ever for locals to shop in the Barossa?

When you support locally owned businesses, you’re not only supporting the local economy and the employment of local people, you are also directly supporting your local sporting groups and your local community in general.

By shopping locally and allowing local businesses to thrive you will also be indirectly helping with local tourism, as visitors are more likely to visit our local area if there are distinct and individual shops to visit.

How does your business benefit the community?

The Real Pantry encourages people to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle by helping them make conscious choices with the day-to-day products they use.

We hope that through small changes, we can collectively make a big impact on the world.

We are thankful for our ever-growing community of supporters that bring with them vast knowledge and experience to share.

What do you pride yourself on?

What separates your business from all of the others?

We make it easy to minimise waste and live a more sustainable and simpler lifestyle.

It’s like our grandparents did… Simple real ingredients and back to basics living.

Since opening The Real Pantry, we have made a positive impact on the amount of daily waste being produced.

We estimate our customers have helped to stop more than an 75,000 pieces of packaging entering the waste system.

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