The leaning tree of Nuri.

Angaston resident, John Goodchild with the leaning red gum near Robin Bridge in Nuriootpa.

It may not be Pisa, but Nuriootpa has its own leaning monument to behold, one that Angaston resident, Mr John Goodchild would prefer did not become a fatal attraction.

A mature red gum next to Robin Bridge on Murray Street has been growing on a significant incline towards the road for years, and John believes its time to address it.

“The weight in that tree is colossal on the roots, and that’s all that’s holding it,” said John.

“It’s inevitable in time, who knows when, it will come down one day. All it needs is a wet season, and one of those major tap roots to snap. Can you image a bus full of kids going through when it comes down?”

The Barossa Council said the Works and Engineering team have been monitoring the tree for a number of years.

“(The tree) continues to be monitored for root plate movement and incline, however there have been no significant deviations to note,” a Council spokesperson said.

John would like to see the tree removed.

“I’ve always been a keen grower of trees and I had vineyards for years. You look after these things, but when you see something like this, I’m not worried about the tree, I’m worried about what the tree could do to people,” he said.

“Human lives are precious, you can’t bring anybody back when they’re gone.

“I’d like to see whoever’s responsible take some action, so I’m bringing it to their attention.”

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