Supporting Gawler’s homeless

Jason Ashenden, Elders Roseworthy with colleagues, Nicole Filsell and Erin Hackett are encouraging clients and the wider community to support the “give a can because you can drive”.

There are at least 150 people in the Gawler community who are homeless.

Armed with this knowledge and seeing some of these people in the Gawler community, Elders Roseworthy have launched a drive to support those in need.

Give a can because you can has been adopted by the team at Elders Roseworthy, who have launched the community initiative to support those homeless in the Gawler and Mid North area.

Jason Ashenden, farm supplies sales rep at Elders Roseworthy, said he often sees homeless people in Gawler and thought there had to be ways to be able to help them out.

He came to the conclusion a canned food drive would be a good option and sought UCare Gawler to ensure the donations will go direct to those who need it.

“We didn’t realise how big the problem was and thought we have to do something,” said Jason.

Staff at Elders Roseworthy have dug deep to drop in items for the drive but they are now encouraging further support from the wider community too.

They have become a drop off point and in this quest also encourage other businesses to consider ways they can support those less fortunate in the community.

Nicole Filsell, Elders, together with Jason Ashenden agree that it means a lot to be able to support the region’s homeless.

“It feels like we are giving back,” said Nicole.

“We are in a situation where we have a roof over our head and really it’s about trying to give back. It is something small but hopefully it becomes something bigger.”

Jason said it is predicted that more will become homeless in the Gawler community because of the current pandemic.

Weeks into the current donation quest, Jason said they are already looking to support those homeless during Christmas and will launch another drive soon.

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