Staff will not face mandatory alcohol and drug testing

A proposal to enable mandatory alcohol and drug testing of bar and restaurant staff during their shifts has now been removed after being included in a draft proposal for the Liquor Licensing Act.

The submission, from SA Police to review the state’s liquor laws, argued to be able to submit staff to a drug or alochol test, a zero-tolerance policy on the test results and creating an offence for resisting testing.

Ms Susanna Pearce from Kellermeister, Lyndoch explained that if this law was passed it would have easily affected their business.

Staff are required to taste through their range of open tasting bottles of wines at the start of each day to ensure the wines are fresh and a true representation of the wine is served to the customer.

With the zero alcohol policy it would inhibit this vital function that ensures wine freshness and subsequently wine sales. 

“Staff being unable to taste wines on opening or next day tasting bottles means we would potentially serve oxidised wine to customers which reflects badly on our winemaking or we throw away good wine because we want to avoid oxidised wine and therefore waste perfectly drinkable wine,” said Susanna.

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