Sporty new surface for Greenock park

Mick Schluter, president of the Greenock Centenary Park Management Committee with Jacqui Possingham, Cricket Club committee and Geoffrey Saegenschnitter, secretary/treasurer of the park’s management committee on the colourful new courts which can be used for a variety of sporting activities.

Greenock hasn’t had a tennis club for decades, but past premiership players, Mick Schluter and Geoffrey Saegenschnitter agree the dream of winning another flag may not be completely out of the question thanks to an upgrade of the town’s courts to Tennis SA competition standard.

“Geoffrey and I both played in the last two premierships in the tennis team back in the 1970s!” laughed Mick, president of the Greenock Centenary Park management committee.

“Anything’s possible now… The facility is here so we’ll see what develops out of that. Maybe just playing a social tennis match would be enough for the two of us though!”

The freshly resurfaced courts were funded by a $50,000 infrastructure grant from the Australian Sports Commission won by the Greenock Cricket Club committee who worked with the Greenock Centenary Park management committee to upgrade the site for community use.

Mick said the infrastructure would benefit a number of different sports, with community members of all ages now able to play in a safe environment.

Greenock Cricket Club will use the facility  for training its juniors because the hard surface is ideal for the operation of ball machines.

A third space alongside the two tennis courts provides an added attraction for those seeking to hone other sport skills.

 “We’ve also got the basketball net, we had one here beforehand, but that was dilapidated. They can play two on one or three on two, whatever they want,” explained Mick.

“We didn’t have a netball ring, so we have that now and we also have four handball courts which we didn’t have before.

“I’ve already seen kids up that end practising netball which they couldn’t do before – it’s great.”

Mick acknowledged the work of Greenock Cricket Club committee member, Jacqui Possingham who was instrumental in winning the grant.

“She’s to be commended because she is doing a lot of good and is a valued citizen contributor,” said Mick.

It follows another successful grant win through the Fund My Neighbourhood programme which resulted in $100,000 for a playground built at Greenock Park which is also a popular camping ground for tourists.

“During school holidays and things like that we have a lot of campers come up with their kids. They have facilities here now that they can use for tennis and all the other things as well,” said Mick.

“Good things are happening in general. When you combine what the cricket club have with upgrading the turf pitch, the new playground and now this… we are talking hundreds of thousands being spent over the last two and a half years.

“It’s absolutely fantastic for the town.”

Long term park management committee member and secretary/treasurer, Geoffrey Saegenschnitter agreed the new courts were great for the community.

And whilst he admitted he was “little bit too long in the tooth” to be running around playing competitive tennis nowadays, he is excited to see what opportunities the new facilities might attract in the future.

“It’s another infrastructure improvement,” said Geoffrey.

“These courts were first developed in 1980 and at the time, they were considered the best in the Barossa when we had an active tennis club. The club doesn’t function anymore as a competitive organisation, but the courts are still being used.

“This is a big  improvement on what we had and brings it up to speed with the standard of tennis courts and basketball courts in the community in

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