Speed signs switched on

Mr Neil Loveridge, DM Roads; Mr Stephan Knoll, Member for Schubert and Mr Nicholas Ndudzo, project manager Department of Infrastructure and Transport near the intersection of Angaston and Stockwell Roads.

Increased safety for motorists is the aim for a new warning system that was active for the first time recently.

The Rural Intersection Active Warning System’s LED variable speed limit signs were switched on at the intersection of Angaston and Stockwell Roads on August 31.

The crossing is the first four-leg intersection in South Australia to have a Rural Intersection Active Warning System installed.

The LED variable speed limit signs at the intersection approaches are triggered by the presence of side-road traffic.

When traffic is detected on the side road by senors located 150 metres from the intersection, the system will reduce the speed limit from 80km/h to 50km/h.

The system also provides advanced warning to drivers on Angaston Road about the presence of vehicles on Stockwell Road.

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