Sleeping out for a cause

Langmeil Winery CEO, Mr Matt McCulloch will be “sleeping rough” for one night to raise money for South Australia’s homeless.

If you think it’s been chilly overnight recently, spare a thought for our state’s homeless.

Langmeil Winery’s CEO, Mr Matt McCulloch of Williamstown will be doing that and more tomorrow night, as he gives up the luxury of his bed to spend a night sleeping on a square of cardboard on the floor of a carpark in Adelaide, as part of the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

While it may not have initially been his idea to participate – the party who nominated him is yet to make themselves known – Matt has embraced the challenge with good grace and a genuine desire to help where he can.

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“I had a look at the website and because it was Adelaide-based, not national or international, which are no less worthy, I thought I’d get involved.”

Like many of us, Matt was surprised by the extent of homelessness in Australia, with well in excess of 100,000 people across the nation going without shelter every night.

Locally, the 2016 census recorded 44 homeless people living in the Barossa area, but there are indications the problem may be even greater here than the statistics reflect.

It’s something that shouldn’t be happening in a country like Australia,” Matt

“There are too many people without somewhere safe to sleep at night. It could be as a result of domestic violence, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse – which we should recognise may involve us as a winery – refugees, or whatever. If we can help those less fortunate than ourselves, I believe we should.”

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