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Shop Local is a simple concept focussed on highlighting our local businesses and their staff. With continued support from our community, we can all will assist in keeping their doors open and products and services available.

SP Windows & Doors

>> Shaun Pink, Rex Schiller, Jamie Buse, Ray O’Dea and Jamie Kirk.

Tell us the story of your business?

Who are the people behind your business, what makes you proud to be a business owner?

SP Windows and Doors has been established in the Valley since 2013.

Prior to that, Shaun worked as a sub contractor to a window company for many many years.

Windows and Doors is his passion.

He knows the industry like the back of his hand and if he can’t find a solution to assist you no one can!

We are a family run business. Shaun runs the day to day workings of the business and Letisha Bremner looks after the bookwork, marketing and the behind scenes things that you don’t see.

We have 2 sons and cannot believe how lucky we are to be living and working in this beautiful part of the world.

As it stands we employ 5 very skilled and talented employees, all of whom are local to the area.

It is not lost on us that we must continue to provide the very best of service as well as products, never losing focus of our goal to offer it at an affordable price.

In your opinion, why is it important now more than ever for locals to shop in the Barossa?

I have said it before and I will say it again, shopping local is so important to both the business owners but to the families of whom they employ who also do their very best to put back into the community whenever they can.

Locals supporting locals, it’s as simple as that!

COVID shone a spotlight on just what an amazing community we live in and how much we want one another to succeed.

It really is so beneficial to everyone that we continue to support one another moving forward.

How does your business benefit the community?

While Windows and Doors are not necessarily exciting to most people, it’s the flow on effect of where we purchase hardware, petrol, etc.

It’s the fact that our employees then go and shop at Foodland or one of our many amazing family owned retailers down the main street of Barossa towns.

SP Windows and Doors in turn try our very best to support local sporting clubs and get involved in school fundraising, etc.

What do you pride yourself on? What separates your business from all of the others?

It’s simple, we pride ourselves in providing a product/service at the most affordable price that we can but also of the very best quality.

We are not funding a corporation and truth be told, we probably inject any funds by way of profit, etc. right back into the business.

As long as we are doing our very best how could we not be proud?

Our business has grown and continues to grow each and every day and that is mainly because of Shaun’s determination to do so and how hard he works and I have said it before, it’s a 24/7 job but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Most businesses adjusted their offering in 2020. Have you maintained these changes to your business?

We were so lucky as a business that we were not adversely impacted by the effects of the virus.

Much the opposite, people were finally given some downtime which allowed them to focus on their homes and improving their homes.

They couldn’t travel and instead invested in their biggest asset.

We could not be more grateful for this as we are well aware just how many businesses suffered and continue to do so.

What services do you offer to encourage customer loyalty?

Honesty. Reliability. Quality products.

We have a very large base of return customers and this tells us we are doing something right.

We appreciate each and everyone of you who use our services, refer a friend or even just like a social media post.

What is the single biggest challenge that your business faces today?

I have thought about this a lot to be honest and it’s simply to really maintain all that we hold dear in terms of values in business and as people as outlined above.

Continuing to do this and not losing focus of our very simple goal as it always has been to do well by others and they will do well by you.

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