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As a business in this current climate, it has become a very difficult time to navigate. Where the environment is changing daily, people are looking for stable and accurate information.

Shop Local is a simple concept focussed on highlighting our local businesses and their staff. With continued support from our community, we can all will assist in keeping their doors open and products and services available.,

With swift changes to the everyday operations and offerings across all industries, each business is needing to adapt in unique ways to both continue to operate and provide both safe and convenient options for their customers..

Barossa Carpet Court

>> Barossa Carpet Court Team (from back) - Katie Reichelt, Jesse Trumble and Kirsty Foster / MAIN IMAGE - Brian Grant and Kirsty Foster.

Tell us the story of your business?

Who are the people behind your business, what makes you proud to be a business owner?

Jamey and I have almost completed 12 months of ownership of Barossa Carpet Court.

In this time we have adapted from the roles of employees to the responsibilities of ownership.

We are proud that we are able to continue the family business that my parents purchased over a decade ago and hopefully set up something for our children in the future.

In your opinion, why is it important now more than ever for locals to shop in the Barossa?

More than ever the last 12 months with Covid and its related problems have shown that communities must stick together to continue growth.

If locals do not give the local businesses an opportunity for their business the local businesses will not be there to create local jobs and put back into the community through sponsorships, donations etc.

How does your business benefit the community?

Continuing with the above question, we employ over a dozen local people and are always looking to fill our positions with local people first.

We also sponsor and donate to many local clubs and schools/childcares/kindergartens, etc.

What do you pride yourself on?

What separates your business from all of the others?

We pride ourselves on having a very modern showroom with all the latest floor and window coverings so people can get a better experience than if they travelled to town.

We always strive to do our best. We do not always get it right as we are human and employ humans but do fix any problems that arise.

What services do you offer to encourage customer loyalty?

We offer a great range of products at very competitive prices and are happy to match or beat any quote from a competitor.

What is the single biggest challenge that your business faces today?

Keeping up with technology in product displays and marketing.

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