Seventy years of Tanunda CWA

The ladies of Tanunda CWA (Country Women’s Association) celebrated 70 years last month.

Over the many years the Tanunda CWA ladies have been involved with a range of activities both independently and as part of the South Australian CWA.

Those most notable include catering for weddings, selling cookbooks on behalf of the branch, helping in emergencies such as floods or fires, knitting booties for Tanunda Hospital, making baby parcels for the APY lands and public speaking.

Now, ladies spend more time focusing on knitting, cooking ideas, sewing, handicraft, encouraging entries to the Tanunda Show and continuing to promote the partnership with the Laucke Mills scone mix.

At the moment the Tanunda CWA has 15 members, a number which has been pretty steady over the years.

Some ladies are Barossa born and bred, whilst others have moved from places such as Lameroo and Gawler.

Mrs Lyn Brew, Tanunda CWA secretary and treasurer, explained that once upon a time there were only CWA and Red Cross groups, now there are Probus, Lions, Apex and Rotary to name a few!

“Having groups doing lots of good things in the community stretches the numbers,” said Lyn.

“People are joining new branches or our group and elderly people are leaving so it usually balances out.”

Mrs Mavis Traeger has been a member of the Tanunda CWA branch for an entire 50 years and recalls fond memories.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.
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