School counts the cost of summer downpour

Nuriootpa Primary School principal, Ms Jill Hess has praised the school community for their resilience last week after the downpour on February 1 which left parts of the school flooded. Water ended up going down the cement pillar in the building.

The commencement of Nuriootpa Primary School’s re-development at the beginning of the year has already brought with it a major hiccup for the school after recent rains flooded areas which were to undergo an upgrade.

School principal, Ms Jill Hess was walking through ankle deep water on February 1 after rains from the heavy down pour managed to make it’s way through an overlay of the tarps and down a cement pillar into the classroom area.

It forced four classes to relocate for a day last week and the builders of the project to count the costs of the damage which included 30 computers, lifted new
carpets, damaged tables and teacher resources.

Ms Hess spoke to The Leader last week and indicated they were still assessing the full extent of the damage.

She did concede though that the work may result in an advancement of the second stage of the redevelopment as they work towards completion of the $7.5 million project.

“We wanted the rain more than anything and we thought we had it really well covered,” said Ms Hess.

“The damage to the top of the ceiling is minimal but it is the internal damage.

“If we determine the rain has caused damage to the ceiling then we will move the project for stage 2 forward.”

Ms Hess paid tribute to the school community for working through the challenges of the flooding, which, for some, included relocating classroom resources before school commenced on Monday morning.

“With all the challenges with the rain, people were so resilient and we were back into the classes as soon as possible,” said Ms Hess.

“Everyone pulled together and it was really positive.”

Despite the challenges of last week,  Ms Hess said the school community are looking forward to the final result of the re-development project.

“This project is the most wonderful opportunity for our children and families and this gives us the best environment to offer 2020 plus curriculum and learning opportunities,” said Ms Hess.

New roof and insulation, separate air conditioning units for each class, a covered outdoor learning area, new administration and staff area, revamped front of the school, and upgrades to the junior
primary area are among the re-development project.

The project will be completed by the end of 2021. 

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