Quality over quantity for 2019 vintage

Scott and Xavier Barr from Fernfield in Eden Valley, with hand-pickers from Tanunda, Matt and Verity Stevens.

The 2019 vintage will be about quality rather than quantity this year with yields seriously down from previous vintages but good colour and strong flavours coming through the already picked grapes.

Grape picking season has nearly finished in the region.

Barossa vignerons have likely already finished last week and Eden Valley not far behind with an expected two more weeks to go.

Barossa Grape and Wine Association (BGWA) have reported low yields but fine quality this year through members.

Eden Valley’s Fernfield Wines owner and vigneron, Mr Scott Barr, said he believe some great wines will be made from this year’s vintage.

“It’s definitely been a lower yielding year, that seems to be happening everywhere. We had our Shiraz come in, and it was way less yield, but just had a really rich, bold colour to it. Quite an intense wine that it is turning out to be,” said Scott.

“Hopefully it all works out, it’s making a good wine, but there is not a lot of it. It will be tough for wineries, but good for drinking.

“It’s a lot easier to work with a little bit of good wine, than a lot of bad wine. That is what we would rather prefer.”

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