Programme helps to shape futures

Nuriootpa’s Bronwyn Taylor undertakes some filing as part of her placement, supported by Ann-Marie Ward, Nuriootpa High School and Kathryn Schilling, Shaping Futures.

A partnership with Nuriootpa High School and Shaping Futures has paved the way for Nuriootpa’s Bronwyn Taylor to gain experience in the quest to return to the work force.

The work experience support project is being steered by Shaping Futures with the assistance from State Government funding.

The primary focus is to provide unemployed or underemployed people, working less than 17 hours a week an opportunity to develop employability skills, understand employer expectations, explore career options and increase self understanding, independence and self-confidence.

The chance to work over a three week period at Nuriootpa High School has achieved many aspects for Bronwyn, who has been out of the workforce for five years.

She currently volunteers at Barossa Village and Nuriootpa Primary, but the chance to work in the office administration side at Nuriootpa High and this week in a supportive role in the classroom is one she has relished.

“It is really good, it has been great learning what I can and can’t do,” said Bronwyn.

“I feel much more confident in myself now going for jobs which is great.

“I feel very fortunate to come across Kathryn and this programme.”

Nuriootpa High School’s business manager, Ms Ann-Marie Ward said they have been flexible with Bronwyn’s programme.

“Supporting people in their return to work is a great thing,” said Ann-Marie.
Kathryn Schilling, Shaping Futures, said the programme is about the “other people” that fall through the gaps by providing hands on work experience placements with practical workplace skills and experiences.

“In the world of work that is rapidly changing, work experience provides participants the opportunity to enhance their awareness and understanding and build their portfolio of skills,” said Kathryn.

There is still an opportunity for people to participate in this support project. For more information contact 88422268.

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