Pool backflip

Councillor John Angas at the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool, which, after a decision at yesterday’s Council meeting, will be open beyond the 2020/2021 season.

The community will be able to use the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool beyond the 2021 swimming season.

Councillor John Angas put forward a notice of motion at yesterday’s Council meeting which was backed by fellow councillors.

It was agreed that as Council undertakes further consultation on future aquatic needs in Nuriootpa, as informed by further community engagement, it was noted the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool shall permanently close when costs outweigh the community benefits as determined by Council at a future time.

It’s an alteration to the amendment from the September meeting which was to permanently close the pool at the end of the 2020/21 pool season and follows an extensive Council workshop held earlier this month.

Cr Angas, who led the charge for an amendment, noted the significant amount of money, time and expertise that has been spent on the Nuriootpa War Memorial Swimming Pool.

“If the consultation process eventually finds that a new location is justified, my amendment will at least allow the Nuriootpa Pool complex to remain operational until at least a new facility is built… these projects take years, not months,” said Cr. Angas in his address to yesterday’s meeting.

As part of the decision, Council agreed that at the time the pool is closed, the pool will be decommissioned with an appropriate budget allocation and convert the open space area to a public space, including community engagement on design option.

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