Petrol theft in the region

Jannine Vaughan from Angaston Motors.

Ten petrol drive-off offences have occurred between the two main fuel outlets in Nuriootpa since the beginning of December.

Although not directly affected recently, Angaston Motors have had incidents of petrol theft in the past.

Jannine Vaughan, owner of Angaston Motors with her husband Steve, explained there’s only one incident where they haven’t recouped the money – the others have just been people simply forgetting or getting distracted.

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“I think it’s a sign of the times. People can’t afford it so they take advantage of it. It’s no different to going into a shop and stealing,” said Jannine.

Police warn it’s an offence to not pay for fuel with the penalty being up to two years imprisonment. CCTV footage captures the vision of vehicles and people at fuel locations.

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