Park upgrade to benefit the whole community says Keith

Angaston Football Club president, Keith Jamieson welcomes the additions that will take place to the Angas Recreation Park which includes doubling the size of the clubrooms.

Angaston Football Club will be required to temporarily relocate some of their operations from next month as the Angas Recreation Park undergoes significant improvements under a $3.1 million Barossa Council project.

But the temporary measure, will, according to Angaston Football Club president, Mr Keith Jamieson, pave the way for sport and the community for the next 50 years as they welcome the significant improvements to the area.

This includes the provision of a second green space, doubling the size of the clubrooms, including four changerooms and creating an all weather spectator viewing area which includes permanent provision of barbecues and a formal serving area.

The club are also working towards a major revamp of their kitchen area, in a venture which Keith said is overdue.

The fact the club won’t be able to use their facilities for the entire football season will have some financial impact.

“Financially it will cost us a little bit, not having the bar, but having all the home games first means we won’t miss out on the playing side but the normal opening hours,” said Keith.

“And cricket won’t be able to use it either, until it’s finished. It’s not all of our income… but on the other hand we have good sponsorship and it has improved on previous years.”

With Council and grant funding contributing to the project, the club will also add $350,000.

Keith said it is likely a loan will be taken out to support the financial contribution but they also aim to raise a significant part of that.

Player numbers and a strong financial position are able to assist with this and Keith was confident they can meet any obligation.

“This has been a long time coming… there hasn’t been any major development in the park since the early 70’s,” said Keith.

“One of the main attractions of the Angaston Oval is the aesthetics and the intention is to retain as much as possible and then restore. What we are aiming at is for every tree that is knocked down, it is replaced with two.”

Keith has welcomed the provision of the second oval which will appear more like an open green space.

“It’s for the community and just as important for us to be able to play all our games on Saturday and it may allow the cricket to have two games here at once as well and it is a chance for other groups and activities to take it up,” said Keith.

“We want it to be an open space and accessible as much as possible.”

With this in mind, Keith has identified many other ways the whole precinct can be used, both inside and out including a community theatre, concerts and other events.

“Everyone is excited,” said Keith.

“We have got to think of a minimum 50 years of use but there are also plenty of other things that need to happen, including upgrading other facilities.”

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