No television for Truro

Ms Teresa Barnden says Truro struggles to watch free to air television.

Truro residents are becoming fed up with their lack of free to air television since the inception of digital television.

Ms Teresa Barnden has lived in the township for two years and believes it’s been an issue for well before they moved there.

Teresa explained her property happens to be up high enough for them to receive free to air television, but it’s very tempermental on when it wants to work.

At any point when watching the television, despite what channel, it’ll just become very pixilated, fuzzy or just lose signal completely.

“You wouldn’t think that when you move from Nuriootpa up to Truro that you would lack a few things that I would class as a given in today’s day and age,” said Teresa.

“It’s really disappointing and frustrating at times. At prime time television you just want to be able to sit down and watch the latest shows, and now Masterchef is starting up!”

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