New water fountain for Lyndoch

Lyndoch Community Committee members, Steve Balch and Zoe Phillips welcome a new water station to Lyndoch’s Village Green.

The Village Green in Lyndoch has a new water fountain, thanks to the efforts of Lyndoch Community Committee.

After recognising a need amongst cyclists and walkers using the popular bike trail through Lyndoch, the committee began lobbying SA Water to have a water station installed. 

“We like to think we’re a bit of a hub for the cyclists, and they were always looking for places to fill up their water bottles,” said committee president, Steve Balch.

The station, which includes a fountain for drinking from, a tap for filling bottles and a dog water bowl, has been installed in the last couple of weeks.

While the committee originally had a position picked out nearer to the bike path, the location it has been installed in between the main street and the pavilion is easily visible from both the path and the road.

“A lot of people cycle up from Gawler and further away, and by that time, if it’s hot, they’ve run out of water,” said committee member, Zoe Phillips, who often had cyclists approach her at Lyndoch’s monthly markets searching for water.

“We’re really excited about it.”

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