My time as the 2017 Barossa Young Ambassador

Nicola Biagi was named the 2017 Barossa Young Ambassador.

I can’t believe it’s April 2019 and soon I’ll be up on stage congratulating the new 2019 Young Ambassador of the Barossa-what an absolute journey?

We’ve had such a wonderful, enthusiastic group this year. I’ve loved getting to know them and watch their progression through-out the Young Ambassador programme.

Right from the beginning, this programme, for me, has been absolutely wonderful to be involved in.

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It’s helped me improve many different aspects of my life including public speaking ability, being more comfortable in networking environments and shown me ways in which I can be involved in the community and vintage festival.

I’ve loved that becoming the 2017 Barossa Young Ambassador meant being a part of the hard working committees of The Young Ambassadors Programme and Barossa Vintage Festival.

Being on these committees has demonstrated that preparation, organisation and the commitment of each individual is what makes these programmes and festivals really come alive.

This programme has shown me an experience of the Barossa and an ability to gain in depth understanding about it’s food, wine, tourism and youth culture in a way that I don’t believe I would have gotten from just living in the Barossa.

But also how to make these sustainable and pass on the traditions so that the generations of the future can continue on the Vintage Festival and other events with success.

The Young Ambassador Committee itself for 2019 is a group of young people who dedicate so much time to development of youth and youth culture in the community, especially with reintroducing the mentoring aspect of the programme which was to offer one on one support with the programme but also help with personal development.

Linda and Sarah, the hours of volunteering, organising, planning and support that you put into making this programme exciting and sustainable is like no other and I am so grateful to have worked alongside you both and hope to continue to in the future.

The upcoming vintage festival events that I am most excited for are the Vintage Festival Ball, Strassenfest and of course The Parade.

There are so many great events this year, a few of which are selling out fast, so I encourage you to get tickets as soon as possible.

And keep an eye out for the Young Ambassadors who’ll be at events throughout the Festival; don’t be afraid to go up, say hello or ask them about their experience during the programme.

By Nicola Biagi