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The terra collective

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Mother and daughter are making a difference

>> Mother and daughter team, Tracy and Nicole Draper of “The Terra Collective”

“The whole thing started with bamboo straws”, says Nicole Draper who together with her mother, Tracy has launched a new online business named “The Terra Collective”.

“We were sick of seeing so much plastic pollution everywhere and plastic straws, as most people know, are a huge issue with Aussies using about 10 million single-use plastic straws every day. When you start looking you can’t unsee.”

The issue prompted the Tanunda women to start thinking about everything else people used in day to day life that was making a negative impact on the planet.

Their aim with “The Terra Collective” was to provide eco-friendly alternatives to more areas of life, and so the brainstorming and researching began.

For Tracy, who has been interested in sewing and designing clothes for more than 30 years, the opportunity to share her talents further afield was exciting after having enjoyed making pieces for herself and others for so long.

“This is our side hustle,” laughs Tracy.

“We are still working in our other roles.”

Offering handmade clothing for babies, children and women; handmade textile homewares, including cushion covers with eco-friendly cushion inserts, there is plenty to discover.

There are many coconut and bamboo products available, including their top seller, the coconut candle.

“We hope to be able to keep creating these products and bringing awareness to how important it is to think about where things come from and what they are made of,” says Nicole.

Product knowledge and an eye for detail coupled with their ability to provide outstanding service and value for money is what these two environmentally savvy women are all about. And being family owned and operated means they can also make choices.

“When we started The Terra Collective, we made the decision that we wanted to give to the world in some way and this is when we decided to donate 5% of our profits to those who are looking after our planet and making a difference,” says Nicole.

“We are currently donating to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation”.

“As we always say, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being conscious."

- Nicole Draper

As a mother/daughter partnership dedicated to providing quality products that they have put hours of thought, time and effort into creating, Nicole and Tracy aim to use the most natural products available.

You’ll find linen, bamboo and hemp in their range, even the packaging is eco-friendly with compostable mailers and landfill bio-degradable packing tape.

“We believe that slow fashion has so many benefits, not harming the earth and it means that not every second person is going to be wearing the same piece of clothing as you,” says Tracy.

“We make all of the clothing and textile pieces ourselves so every piece we sell, one or both of us has had a part in bringing it together,” adds Nicole.

The Terra Collective offer free delivery in the Barossa and customers are also able to order the size and colour they want in any designs through their custom made service.

“It also means we don’t hold a large amount of stock that could end up going to waste,” says Nicole.

“As we always say, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being conscious.”

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