Moculta sculptor featured at Brighton

Greg Murray with one of his sculptures at home in Moculta.

Moculta sculptor, Greg Murray has had two pieces accepted into the 2020 Patritti Brighton Jetty Sculptures exhibition, on display from January 22 to February 2 near the Brighton jetty.

Greg, a farrier by trade, started making his own blacksmith tools early in his career.

“That was probably where it started, and then from there I did some scroll work and traditional forging, gates, knife making, things like that as a hobby, which is always an enjoyment for me,” the 58-year- old said.

“I’ve become involved with the arts society here in Moculta… so each year for the last three years I’ve quickly put something together.”

He exhibited two pieces during last year’s SALA festival at the Moculta Hall, and after some strong encouragement from his sister, Carmel, he put forward his work for consideration for Brighton Jetty Sculptures.

“I was surprised,” Greg said, speaking of his acceptance into the exhibit, which attracts talented artists from all over the country.

“I didn’t think they would be worthy enough, so I was quite surprised and the feedback that I’ve got so far is probably more encouraging, so it’s quite good.”

Greg’s pieces, entitled ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Comes from Within’ are made from a combination of horseshoes, mild steel, glass and copper. 

“I use steel, that’s what I’m familiar with,” said Greg of his preferred medium. 

“Anything that’s forgeable or I can fabricate with a welder.”

The 2020 winners of the Brighton Jetty exhibition were announced last week with another local sculptor, Joel Zimmermann of  Tanunda taking out the Young Artist award for his piece ‘#6’.

It is the fourth time Joel has exhibited at Brighton, having previously won the People’s Choice award in 2016.

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