Mobile phones banned during class time

Nuriootpa High School principal, Mrs Gerri Walker said the school will implement a new mobile phone policy this year.

A mobile phone policy will be rolled out to students at Nuriootpa High School from January 27, in an effort to combat an increased use during lesson time.

Nuriootpa High School principal, Mrs Gerri Walker said the decision to implement the policy comes after the issue was raised by the Governing Council last year.

Mrs Walker said students were permitted to have their phones before school and during recess and lunch, but when in class, mobile phones and other devices need to be kept in their school bag.

There are some exceptions to this rule, including medical reasons and for some senior classes.

It further builds on what the school had in place previously, which is lessons are for learning, phones are for break times.

“We are really keen for parents and employers to understand that is our policy and ask them to work with us,” Mrs Walker said.

She said teachers had expressed concern that some students were really struggling to totally engage in learning, and mobile phone use during class was distracting their learning.

“All of what students are doing on their phone, that is needed for learning, could be done on their laptops,” Mrs Walker said.

She added the new policy is an important part of preparation for life beyond school.

“It’s part of the preparation for their future, in terms of what is acceptable in the workplace,” Mrs Walker said.

Mobile phone policies will be rolled out in primary schools statewide with the decision to follow this new policy in secondary schools, being made at each site.  

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