Mental Health Action

Sue Graetz, president of Rotary Club of Barossa Valley; David Moran and Caitlin Smith, Trainers and Mental Health Partners, and Keith Adams, past president.

A Mental Health First Aid course will begin teaching individuals in the Barossa how to assist other adults who are having a mental health crisis after a recent grant to fund the programme was received by the Rotary Club of the Barossa Valley.

The programme aims to teach aged care workers, CFS volunteers, service club members and other volunteers in the community to deal with people suffering from a mental health crisis or problem, and how best to help them.

Over 50 people in the Barossa have been trained in Mental Health First Aid in the past three years which has resulted in three lives saved.

Learning signs and symptoms of people with mental health problems can save more lives in the community, especially with the prevalence of mental health in the region.

The course will run out of the Joy Rice Centre at Barossa Village for four weekly evening sessions.

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