Meals on Wheels are on the move

The Meals On Wheels Barossa frozen food section has made the move from Angaston to Tanunda Lutheran Home (TLH) in Tanunda.

The move was made since the old premise was unavailable for Meals On Wheels to use, but they were lucky enough that TLH was more than happy to accommodate them.

Debbie Miles, Meals On Wheels Barossa secretary, said, “This is probably more suitable, especially when you have aged people. The Lutheran Home have been really accommodating to us.

“We have more modern facilities and people have found it easy to get to. It’s going to be long term until they decide to do something else with this unused wing.”

Meals On Wheels Barossa hope to stay in their new location as long as they can, since it is easily accessible and has a bit more room.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.

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