Maintenance programme to start

Nuriootpa Futures Association president, Mr Lyndon Stoll looks forward to the first stage of a maintenance programme at Coulthard House, Nuriootpa.

Grant funding from The Barossa Council will enable Nuriootpa Futures Association to work towards the first step in a maintenance programme of the iconic Coulthard House.

The community grant application for $2,000 is in addition to previous grant funding of $6,000 under the Council scheme and will, after some time, help the community organisation to realise their maintenance project for Coulthard House which has been delayed for some time.

Nuriootpa Futures Association president, Mr Lyndon Stoll looked forward to the maintenance plan being continued and cited a three stage plan.

 “Grants such as these help us to preserve a magnificent building and identify it as an anchor point for the Nuriootpa community and main street businesses,” said Lyndon.

“From our sources, Coulthard House was last painted in 1995 and now with the Community Grant funding and help from local businesses, Craig Marsten (painter) and Crowies, we are finally achieving a first step in maintaining Coulthard House well into the future.

“We are delighted to have the support  of these businesses and look forward to others joining in as we progress the plans.”

It is estimated that the three stages will cost Nuriootpa Futures Association close to $20,000.

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