Lee’s adding colour to life

Tanunda artist, Lee Teusner is set to feature in a television series that airs in more than 50 countries around the world.

She’s known as co-owner and natural health consultant at Tanunda’s Go Vita, but it’s Lee Teusner’s creative flair that is set to capture an international audience.

The Tanunda based artist with a studio in Gawler, is one of only five South Australian artists to be invited to appear in “Put Some Colour in Your Life”, a television series watched by millions around the world.

“I’m excited about the opportunity of International exposure and the adventure that could bring! ” Lee told The Leader.

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She found out she had been nominated to appear on the show by a social media follower who had visited her gallery during SALA and also attended a workshop.

Then, last December, Lee was contacted by the producer.

“Graeme Stephenson told me he loved my work. I’m not really sure, but I think what attracted their attention is the diversity within my work,” said Lee.

“I can paint a realistic portrait, or other subject,  and I can also add some glamour, fantasy and magic into the painting, and it becomes a whole different story!” 

 “Put Some Colour in Your Life” is a series of 24 minute documentaries featuring individual artists in their studios. Filmed in seven countries, it airs in more than fifty across six continents, including Australia.

 Lee is keen for the exposure to a wider audience and is excited to find out what opportunities it might bring once the episode goes to air, despite being a little nervous about the filming
which will happen on February 10.

“I paint what I love, and putting that out in front of such a massive audience is pretty confronting!” said Lee.

“I hear that the team from CIYL is a very supportive crew and I’m looking forward to the experience of a full day of filming and learning what actually happens behind the scenes.”

Lee said the positive exposure was fantastic for the local art community.

“I know that there are loads of wonderful, talented artists in the Barossa,” she said.

“I hope it will attract more people to visit the Barossa for the art as well as the wine and food!”

For Lee, art is an expression of femininity, empowerment and sharing her knowledge.

“I love to see the feminine in all of my subject matter. From the warrior to the princess and what lies between!” she said.

“With my artwork and workshops I hope to empower others to embrace, grow and shine their inner Diva. …I love to watch people and their confidence grow as they learn new techniques and their skills evolve through a workshop. It’s a privilege to be able to teach others to paint in a nurturing environment.”

After the adventure of “Put Some Colour in Your Life”, Lee will continue exhibiting and travelling interstate with her workshops as she prepares to take on her next exciting challenge.

“I’ve been invited to hold a workshop in Nelson, New Zealand later in the year,” said Lee.

“Things are moving along quite nicely!”