Keyneton pig breeder judges the best in show

Shaun Blenkiron from Keyneton recently returned from New South Wales where he was invited to the Sydney Royal Show to judge the pig section.

As a member of the SA Pig Breeders, Shaun was put on the list to be a judge at the show, which makes him the youngest judge of the pig section since the competition

Shaun headed to Sydney with his wife, Amy, and their 10 week old baby, Asher on their first trip together as a family.

“It was a good thing, I suppose. I guess I am obviously heading in the right direction with what we are doing for people to
ask me to judge. It must come from
what we breed here too, the style of pig is what helped with being picked,” said Shaun.

“I was thinking of going to Sydney for one year to show pigs but then I got asked to judge. It was a privilege. There are only two royal shows that have pigs anymore, which is Adelaide and Sydney.

“This is the first time I have ever judged. I have been asked to small shows but to do your first judging at a Royal is a privilege. I was a little nervous, but not as bad as I thought I would be. I thought I might struggle to make decisions. I think I picked it up well. The exhibitors seemed happy with what I had done.”

Shaun isn’t able to judge at the Royal Adelaide Show since he puts his own pigs into the pig competitions.

Sydney Royal Show has the most stud pigs, while the Royal Adelaide Show has more pigs but not as many stud pigs.

On March 24 Shaun had his first day of judging out of five different breeds, including Large White, Landrace, Berkshire, Saddleback and Tamworth.

After that, there was a judging of interbreeds with all the individual winners judged against each other.

On Sunday, Shaun judged the school student junior judging pig competition, where students had to judge the pigs.

The students judged a group of four Berkshires against each other, and a group of four Large Whites.

The pigs needed to be judged from first to fourth place plus with notes on why they were put in that order.

Shaun judged the confidence of the student speakers and the order of the pigs chosen by those students.

Afterwards, Shaun was able to chat with the students and educate them further about the pig industry which he really enjoyed.

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