“Keep the change” say Barossa Coffee Boys

The ‘Barossa Coffee Boys’ supporting one of their favourite cafes, Nosh in Tanunda: Bob Sloane; Richard Goode tapping through a payment with Nosh owner, Sophia Huser; Trevor Horder; Terry Sachse; Stewart Martin; and Barry ‘Bazza’ Swan.

Stop by Nosh in Tanunda on a Friday, and you’ll probably encounter a colourful bunch of retired men, chewing the fat over coffee and cake.

The ‘Barossa Coffee Boys’, as they unofficially call themselves, met regularly at Nosh before the pandemic, and now that their favourite haunt is serving again, the group of mates felt they had to do something to help with the business’ recovery.

“They’d been shut for six to seven weeks and I said, the next time I go in there I’m going to give them $100 to get them along,” said group member, Trevor Horder. 

“And then I thought, hang on I’m just looking at one place, what about all the other businesses that are shut? I thought what if we come up with something where lots and lots of shops benefit?”

The idea of ‘Keep The Change’ was born, a rebuilding initiative where customers are encouraged to tell businesses to “keep the change” or round up or add on to their purchases if paying by card.

“It might not seem like much, but we know every little bit helps,” said Trevor.

The group is hoping to take the #KeepTheChange campaign national, and have arranged for stickers to be made for businesses to display in appreciation of their customers’ generosity.

A Facebook page @KeepthechangeBCB and Instagram @keepthechangebcb have also been created, with the hashtag #keepthechange able to be used to allow people and businesses to share about the initiative.

Given the challenging time the Barossa has recently endured having been associated with a COVID-19 cluster, the group agrees the campaign could be a boost to local morale.

 “I thought if we can start it in the Barossa it’s great for the Barossa community,” said Trevor. 

“If this thing goes as we hope it will, it could go around Australia. What a wonderful thing for South Australia and the Barossa.”

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