Helping Barossa children build resilience and morale

Student wellbeing support at Nuriootpa High School: Sarah Afshin Pour, FLO Co-ordinator; Rick Lane, Wellbeing Leader; Anne Barclay, Assistant Principal Wellbeing; Annabelle Elton-Martin, Foundation Barossa Executive Officer; Olivia Porteous, Wellbeing Leader; and Stacey Gallacher, FLO student.

 In June, 2019, Foundation Barossa launched their Dollar a Day Appeal. Thanks to generous community support, they have raised over $5,000 for their 2020 Back to School Programme.

The Back to School programme makes a difference to the lives of children. 

It provides $50 gift vouchers to students in need. 

They can use these $50 gift vouchers for school uniforms, shoes, school bags and stationery items. 

The vouchers are more than a $50 gift. 

This programme is about social inclusion and resilience, building confidence and morale in disadvantaged children.

This year Foundation Barossa have been able to contribute  $27,000 to this initiative, thanks to support from the Barossa community and a $2,000 grant from Casella Family Brands. 

With this, Foundation Barossa can provide 560 vouchers to Barossa families that need them most.

Ms Anne Barclay, Assistant Principal Nuriootpa High School said, “For many families, the start of the school year is difficult. 

“Uniforms and shoes, laptops, calculators and stationery all add up. 

“The Nuriootpa High School Wellbeing team are grateful for the support of Foundation Barossa vouchers. They allow us to support disadvantaged students to be just like everyone else.”

With a $5,000 grant from the Wyatt Foundation, Foundation Barossa are supporting independent learners aged 15 to 23 years at Nuriootpa High and Birdwood High. 

The circumstances of the students vary but all are disengaged from mainstream learning. 

“The funding will reach a range of students from low socio-economic backgrounds and those who are experiencing hardship. 

“These include students who are homeless, from low income families, students who live independently and those that are young parents,” said Ms Sarah Afshin Pour from Nuriootpa High’s Flexible Learning Centre.

Foundation Barossa have provided grants to help the students with travel, child care and materials so they can complete their studies. 

There is a shortage of regional transport and immediate financial support in the Barossa. 

These grants will help the students travel to health and education facilities and employment opportunities. 

Without this extra support, it’s difficult for a student to focus on their own educational and personal goals.

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