Grant funding helps cover show costs

Mount Pleasant Show secretary, Vicki Fawcett and assistant secretary, Sam Schultz with president, Neil Kroehn look over the costs which can be redeemed from the cancelled 2020 event.

Federal Government grant funding will help the Mount Pleasant Show Society to recoup some of the costs which were incurred from the 2020 event.

A week out from the show in March, the show committee were forced to cancel due to COVID-19,  as Prime Minister Scott Morrison placed an advisory ban on non essential mass gatherings of 500 people or more. 

The Mount Pleasant Show typically attracts at least 5,000 people to their one day event.

Being able to access funding through the Federal Government support package for agricultural shows has been welcomed by the committee, who were still required to pay for a number of bills, despite the event being cancelled.

Show secretary, Vicki Fawcett said among the bills were marquee hire, show book printing and postage, a computer programme and deposits that were made.

They also hope to recoup some of the gate takings.

“Anything is great that we can get back to cover the costs,” said Vicki.

President Neil Kroehn said not being able to access the funding would make it harder to run an event next year and envisaged it would have taken at least five to six shows to bounce back.

There is some uncertainty around holding an event next year due to COVID-19.

“For us, we would need to start planning and get going in August,” said Vicki.

“But until we know SA is totally free, we don’t know if it will go ahead next year.

“It may seem like one event a year but it is a big event for the town.”

The Mount Pleasant Show Committee are encouraging the community to throw their support behind the country shows.

“If the show goes ahead, it would be great if everyone could support it,” said Vicki.

“And it’s for the community, it’s a great catch up,” adds Neil.

New project

On top of recouping money for the cancelled 2020 event, Mount Pleasant Show committee were successful in gaining $124,000 Federal Government funding which will pave the way for a new building to be used jointly by the show and the pony club for administration and storage.

The committee met this week to work out the finer details for the new piece of infrastructure at Talunga Park which will also be available as a meeting room.

It’s hoped the project will be completed early next year.

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