Gourmet Weekend Profile: Colin Sheppard

What’s your best memory? 

I love the atmosphere of Gourmet Weekend. Hanging out with friends both old and new. Listening to some tunes, having some great food matched to the Barossa’s wonderful wines. That’s what my favourite memories are made of. 

How do you determine your programme for Gourmet? Food, wine or music? 

With such amazing choices it’s always difficult to decide, but I do think this is the one weekend that you need to put food first, and you can be sure that whatever food takes your fancy, there will be delicious wine to go with it.

What attracts you… big names (labels/chefs) or hidden treasures (venues/food)? 

For me, I like to mix it up a bit. Say, if you’re game, beer and wine degustation at Lyndoch Hill on Saturday with an early start at Greenock Gourmet on Sunday. Then off to Nino and Saskia’s long lunch followed by some tunes and more food at Gibsons. Then a long nap.

Favourite destinations? 

I always enjoy myself at Gibsons. Their generous hospitality makes for a truly fun time. Whistler and Pindarie always put on a great time as well. But to be honest, you won’t go wrong wherever you end up on Gourmet Weekend. It’s the Barossa having a good time after all.

Thirty years – what has changed?

While the food offering may be more refined these days and things a bit better organised overall, the beauty of Gourmet Weekend is that it has retained its heart. Just another example of the Barossa community working together to showcase the wonderful place where we live.

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