Fundraising for cancer group reaches $600,000 milestone

In 10 years, $600,000 has gone back into the community to support cancer patients across the region.

That’s all due to the hard work the volunteers of the Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer team do, who have a jam packed schedule to mark their 10th year.

Current president of Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer, Mrs Julie Combe is joined by fellow members Tash Goldsmith, Jo Feltus, Elsje Wilton, Robyn Hart and Pauline Flavel as the original members of the club.

They continue today and are joined by an energetic and enthusiastic bunch of people now close to 20.

It’s also resulted in a branch forming in Gawler.

“One of the most important things we do is cover the cost of transport for cancer patients,” said Julie

That’s echoed by Jo Feltus, who said, “That was our most important goal”.

“The car and instigators in the breast care nurse and a house to auction so we have got two out of three.”

The purple shirts the volunteers wear and butterflies shining brightly across the transport vehicles are  symbolic of Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer.

They have established a name for themselves in not only providing support to cancer patients but offering a list of entertainment highlights for the year which raises funds for their cause.

“Over the 10 years people have been very supportive and I find this community is very caring for each other,” said Julie.

Treasurer, Mr Denis Tompkins said they do receive a lot of support from community groups.

“Without these people… they make our life a little bit easier,” added Julie.

With a motto to never miss an opportunity to promote Barossa Area Fundraisers for Cancer, the group will continue to share their story.

“Where ever I am, I tend to put us out there because what have you got to lose,” said Julie.

“As far as the chair of this group… I have never worked with such a fantastic, devoted band of people.

“Without these people… many on the committee, it would just not work. There are new people coming in… the people we have got are just the best.”

Denis welcomed the growth of the group, saying it is not uncommon to have up to 10 people at a meeting but at the moment it tends to head towards 20, which is “pretty consistent and that’s people that are prepared to do stuff”.

“These people are giving their all… we always say health and family are first, we are a volunteer organisation and we do have a core in that volunteer group,” said Julie.

“These are people that we are very proud to be working with.”

Going forward, the team continue to raise funds to all go back into the community and are finding an increasing demand for transport reimbursements for cancer patients.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.

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