Forty years delivering local meals

Mrs Judith Liersch, of Tanunda has been delivering Meals on Wheels in the Barossa Valley for 40 years and was honoured as the longest serving volunteer during the Meals on Wheels Barossa Valley Years of Service Awards presentation held at the Barossa Weintal Hotel Complex last Tuesday.

Mrs Liersch told The Leader her service would have been 42 years by now
had it not been for having to undergo brain surgery.

She said, “When my husband, Jeff was helping out at Tanunda Lutheran Home they needed a driver to help out delivering Meals on Wheels. Jeff had already been helping for two years.

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“Matron Schiller and Eileen Schulz started and they asked me to drive and I’ve been driving ever since.

“I had a brain tumor five years ago and there was permanent damage to my right foot but I learnt to use my legs again.

“It’s just a joy to deliver meals to people. You just never know when you might need the service yourself.

“My tumor was benign so I was fortunate that God was looking over me. It was a lump as big as an apple or orange, but I had a miracle doctor.

“I know my limitations and I work to that but here I am today,” an extremely grateful Mrs Liersch concluded.

In her report as branch president/co-ordinator and treasurer, Mrs Carole Hick said, “This year has been particularly challenging for both the Barossa Valley Branch and the Central Office management team.