Flood damage bill less than first thought

By Emma Clark

Long Gully Road, Angaston received more than $78,000 in repairs following last September’s storms, one of the biggest repair jobs in a long list for The Barossa Council’s $1.109M damage bill.

A report presented to last week’s Council meeting revealed the full extent of the damage incurred on council property during the flooding event and indicated the final figure is shy of the budget estimate of more than $1.5M.

Elected members approved the report, which detailed a long list of repair work for floodways and roads, through to bridges and culverts, stormwater drains and reserves.

Council spent more than $70,000 on repairing the Jack Bobridge Track between St. Hallett Road and Jacobs Creek Visitor Centre and just over $52,000 on the Nuriootpa swimming pool which included re-instating the chemical storage area and addressing the collapse of the septic tank.

Council CEO, Mr Martin McCarthy revealed an insurance claim with the Treasury and Finance and the Local Government Association was not carried through “as to do so would not have been financially beneficial and would have necessitated not undertaking the work until certified and approved”.

For the full story see this week’s edition of The Leader.

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