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Faith Lutheran College steeped in history

Faith Lutheran College steeped in history

>> Faith Lutheran College Foundation students, Isaac Ashdown, Louis De Wit and Oliver Blackborough.

In 2020 Faith Lutheran College celebrates 175 years since the foundation of Langmeil Schule on the site of the Junior Campus in 1845.

The story is rich, steeped in history, a tapestry of community, faith and the love of learning which shaped the very face of Lutheran Education.

Delivering inspired learning as a co-education school from ELC to Year 12, Faith continues to stand strong as a caring and connected community where student learning and wellbeing is at the forefront of every decision made.

Underpinned by small class sizes and a personalised approach to education, the staff are committed to understanding how each student learns to help them grow.

The Junior School, ELC to Year 6, delivers a progressive, sequential and inquiry based approach to learning.

The curriculum and teaching methodology at the Junior School is designed to develop students who are: confident, creative, problem solvers and decision makers.

The Early Learning Centre offers a high quality early childhood programme for children aged from three to school age.

The children in the schools care are individuals and unique.

The approach is strongly influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and emphasis is placed on promoting self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, communication, socialisation, collaboration and self-help skills.

Faith Lutheran College Junior School provides an extensive, smooth transition for ELC students into Foundation at the College.

Mid-year Pre-Foundation programme is tailored to create the best possible transition to school for children who will be age 5 before the end of August, preparing for school the following year.

The caring team of dedicated educators in the Junior School work with each student to foster personal excellence and resilience, preparing each individual for the next step in their educational journey.

At one College, whether your child is a toddler, tween or teenager, Faith Lutheran College provide an educational pathway that is caring, personalised and designed to meet the needs of young people in today’s ever changing world.

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