Event in doubt

A proposal to install a telecommunications tower at Krondorf may force the closure of the popular Barossa Air Show.

Barossa Air Show chairman, Mr Steve Ahrens was horrified to discover the proposal to install a 40 metre telecommunications tower at Nitschke Road Krondorf.

If the tower is approved, it will mean acrobatic pilots won’t partake in the event due to safety concerns and will result in the closure of the unique, major fundraising initiative for St. Jakobi Lutheran School, Lyndoch.

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“It is a bit disappointing that the airfield wasn’t taken into consideration in the first place,” said Mr Ahrens.

“Where they are proposing the tower… I am sure that at some point someone will come to grief on the thing.

“From the air show point of view, if it is put where it is proposed it is in line with the display area of the air show… it would be an end to the air show.”

Ericsson have engaged Vision Stream to install the 40 metre telecommunications tower on vacant land owned by Burge Pastoral Company.

The $150,000 development will result in an NBN fixed, wireless facility.

Burge Pastoral Company’s Mr Trent Burge said they were stuck in a hard position, acknowledging the community need for upgraded NBN facilities and the importance of a Barossa event which fundraises for a local school.

“We don’t want to see the air show shut down,” said Mr Burge.

“We are trying to help the community out by putting this in but we are also hindering the community in other aspects.”

He hoped current negotiations would result in finding a safe and fair location which would allow the air show to continue.


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