Enjoying the fruits of labour

Ebenezer’s Marcus Schulz enters his seventh decade in the family vineyard.

Health reasons have forced Ebenezer’s Marcus Schulz to slow down from operating Schulz Wines but he still has involvement with the family business as the next generation take the reigns.

For 60 years Marcus has worked on the family estate and he says embarking on the seventh decade is a time for resting and to enjoy the fruits of the Schulz family labour.

Chatting to Marcus, you soon discover his character and love for life.

He is respectful of the generations before him which paved the way for his own venture.

Marcus has bounced back from cancer and depression but it was his two recent health scares that forced Marcus to take a step back.

Two years ago, while holidaying in Brisbane, Marcus underwent emergency surgery to address bleeding on his brain.

“I was dizzy and I knew something was wrong… during vintage I was
lethargic, tired and had headaches,” recalls Marcus.

A quick trip to the doctors and subsequent scans led to the discovery and surgery the following day released 350 mls of blood.

“That’s a stubby, just sitting there,” said Marcus.

“I had to stay in hospital and they didn’t get it all and I went in again to surgery and they took another 60-70 mls.”

Reflecting on the ordeal, Marcus said it “knocked the stuffing” out of him but he knows how lucky he was to survive.

“I was told I was very very lucky,” said Marcus.

A health scare earlier this year helped to close a large chapter of Marcus’ involvement in the business and now he’s enjoying semi-retirement.

“When I was 69, that was the turning point… I didn’t want to know about the wine side anymore,” said Marcus.

“I don’t need that stress, I want to enjoy the vineyard and what I have put our life and soul into.”

Marcus said being involved in the winemaking side of their fruit was an experience adding, “One thing I have got from it is a clearer and better palate.

“Our wine side has slowed right down… we are now back to doing two to three tonne,” said Marcus.

Marcus uses the word semi-retirement, saying now he has got used to telling someone else to do the jobs he’s done all his life.

“Now I am more overseeing and teaching the next generation,” said Marcus.

“Ros and I are a generation going through and as long as the next generation respect all the effort and work that the previous generations have done. I respect granny, mum and dad to give me a chance, that was what I was given.

“We are but a generation passing through.”

For over 100 years the Schulz family have sold their fruit to top end wineries across the region.

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