Drug use impacts community says Karen

Karen Asbroek, Family Drug Support co-ordinator, says drug use is affecting too many in the community.

The region’s Family Drug Support co-ordinator, Ms Karen Asbroek claims the drug ice is quite easily accessible in the community and can be purchased for the price of a pizza.

The professional counsellor who has taken on the role of co-ordinating the Family Drug Support group said drugs are affecting “way too many” people in the community.

Karen has seen the same faces at the monthly meetings since she took on the role late last year and only recently welcomed two new members to the group.

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The Family Drug Support meetings are a private, quiet space for people to attend and tap into support from other families and professionals.

With a set of rules including confidentiality and mutual respect, Karen said they can’t fix individual problems but added the world of wisdom within those who are present does help others.

Karen adds “Members benefit greatly from being able to speak openly about situations, they keep to themselves for fear of judgement by others.

“This can be a very lonely journey for those affected by a loved ones drug or alcohol use/abuse.

“It can be really, really complex… most of these families live in utter chaos.

“For people that go to the Family Drug Support meetings, they feel different ways of support and gain knowledge in the room and say by going something has changed.

“We are so lucky to have one in the Barossa. There were people from the Barossa travelling to Leabrook, which is a long way to travel.”