Drought funding projects to boost region’s economy

Barossa Bushgardens nursery manager, Pam Payne is looking forward to the completion of the nursery upgrades which will prevent the build up of water.

Upgrades to the Barossa Bushgardens plant nursery have commenced with the project spearheaded by the Federal Government’s $1 million Drought Communities initiative.

One of four projects The Barossa Council received approval on, nursery manager, Pam Payne said addressing the build up of water in the growing area was important.

She told The Leader, the build up of water in this space is getting worse each year and resulted in volunteers at the nursery walking in a swamp.

To get the project underway, volunteers together with students from Nuriootpa High School assisted with the removal of benches in the wholesale nursery and are expected to complete this part of the project this month.

This will allow all plants in the wholesale nursery to be relocated to the seeding natives’ nursery area and more benches will be installed.

There are also plans to install a system which will allow the recycled water to be used within the site.

Meanwhile, work has also commenced on a footpath renewal project with some vegetation already cleared and construction expected to commence next month.

A project scope for tourism and town signage is, according to Council, currently in development and stakeholders will be re-engaged to work towards suitable signage outcomes.

This will result in 37 new signs being installed across the Barossa and will signpost visitors to townships and attractions.

The grant funding will also assist to address drought and emergency water supply in Eden Valley, Moculta and Mount Pleasant.

According to Council, the concept design planning has been completed and a meeting with stakeholders will be held this month to prioritise Eden Valley.

The four projects are being pursued to support economic recovery and will all be completed by June, 2021.

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