Covid safe Christmas for Map

Kapunda MFS FF Scott Hall, SFF Wayne Arthur, SO Mike Prior, FF Cameron Richmond and FF Corey Rowsell helped dress Map the Miner ready for Christmas. Photo by Fabio Antonioli

Kapunda MFS has once again gone to great heights to ensure their town is ready for Christmas whilst also reminding everyone to stay Covid safe.

Continuing a tradition that has been putting a smile on the faces of locals and visitors for over a decade now, the MFS crew added a black face mask to Map the Miner’s  outfit this time, in keeping with what is going on in the world.

Station Officer, Mike Prior said he knows the children love seeing Map dressed in his jolly red suit.

“Especially this year with the COVID stuff where we can’t have Christmas street parties and all of that, it’s something that brightens things up a bit,” Mike

“We do it for the community and the thing is, when he’s dressed up people drive past and go oh, Christmas is coming!”

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