Clubs welcome $2.9 million upgrade

Welcoming the major improvements to occur at the Angas Recreation Park are Tom Feist and Jason Plush.

Users of the Angas Recreation Park have welcomed State Government funding which will contribute to a $2.9 million re-development for the site.

The successful grant application for $881,000 by The Barossa Council will result in re-developing and upgrading the existing changerooms to unisex, constructing two new unisex change rooms, installing a new junior oval, upgrading community spaces and installing new cricket nets.

It’s a significant part of the Angas Recreation Park Big Project with representatives The Leader spoke to last week recognising the enormous amount of work undertaken to get to this point.

They all saw benefits in these upgrades and were excited to see work commence in coming months.

Representing the Angaston Football Club, Tom Feist said it has been a long process but was excited to be able to reach this point where funding has been allocated.

“We reckon we have a pretty amazing spot here but the facilities are outdated and not sufficient for now,” said Tom.

He identified growing numbers in women’s football and said unisex changerooms will cater for all user groups.

“The second oval also allows the under 11’s to play with us rather than in the snow on a Friday night,” said Tom.

The opportunities will further be realised when the project is complete.

“This is amazing and overdue,” said Tom.

“There’s opportunity for generations of us to come and it’s an opportunity for everyone to have more up to date facilities.”

He credited the support from The Barossa Council to work on the Big Project and felt teaming up with the SANFL and SACA was also beneficial.

“All sporting bodies in the park are working together and that is probably something that hasn’t happened before,” said Tom.

“This will be an amazing facility for the whole community.”

Angaston Cricket Club’s Jason Plush saw many benefits these upgrades will bring to the sporting code, particularly bringing players and families all together on one site each Saturday.

He added the training facilities they currently have they’ve outgrown as the club accommodates four senior sides and six junior teams.

Angaston  Netball Club president, Belinda Harris said they are excited to hear of the funding received for the Angas Recreation Park. 

“These and any future upgrades to park facilities will be beneficial for all current and future club members as well as the hundreds of spectators involved in our sporting clubs,” said Belinda.

Meanwhile, Angaston Show Secretary, Mrs Chris Linke said while this stage of the Angas Recreation Park doesn’t include a show hall, she welcomed the improvements to the Park  which will in turn benefit the show.

“The community really needs this now… to help boost our spirits,” said Chris.

“While a new show hall or facility of that kind will be looked at in other stage… this stage one is so exciting.”

It is understood work on the Angas Recreation Park will start in the next six months.

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