Club looks forward to new chapter

Mount Pleasant Golf Club president, Dave Swann remains positive The Barossa Council will agree to change the ownership of the golf club land.

A land only lease arrangement between The Barossa Council and the Mount Pleasant Golf Club may soon change after plans to revocate the community land went out for consultation last month.

Barossa elected members are expected to make the decision on the process at a future Council meeting and golf club president, Dave Swann remains positive that they will receive the title.

According to Dave, the land was purchased in 1977, 75 per cent from club members and 25 per cent from a sports grant.

He added there is a mystery why the Mount Pleasant Council did not hand the title back to the members after club repaid the 12.5 per cent loan provided in 1977 by Council.

Dave said the revocation of the land addresses the issue.

The Barossa Council has contributed both financially and non-financially to the land and its improvements and have contributed $30,000 a year since 2011, as an asset management fee.

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