Charlie has a new lease on life

Charlie Quigley, Kapunda and one of his carers, Victoria Kearsley have been able to participate in the Barossa Community Enterprise programme at Barossa Enterprises thanks to Carers and Disability Link and the NDIS.

Kapunda’s Charlie Quigley used to spend his days at home alone watching television.

But thanks to Carers and Disability Link (CADL), Nuriootpa and the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), he has found a new outlook on life.

The 63 year old has been receiving support from CADL seven days a week for the past six years. This support helps him to remain living independently in his own home. 

His support workers help Charlie around the house, with meal preparation and daily activities such as attending appointments and shopping, as well as community access.

Since commencing services with CADL in 2014, Charlie has made great progress with his ability to live independently and he loves the visits from his support workers.

Charlie attends the woodworking group at Barossa Community Enterprise, Nuriootpa on a Wednesday each week where he can enjoy socialising and revisit some of his old woodworking skills from when he used to work at Bedford Industries many years ago.

He also attends a social group in Gawler each Thursday afternoon with a support worker, where he participates in creative activities, playing scrabble and enjoying fish and chips with other group members.

Charlie also occasionally attends football matches with his support workers or goes for drives to visit places of interest on weekends. 

One of Charlie’s support workers, Victoria Kearsley, has been working with him for a number of years.

“It’s been so great to see Charlie blossom and he’s personally grown. He has a lovely personality and he’s an old time gentleman with lovely manners and a gentle soul,” said Victoria.

“At one stage it was hard to get Charlie out of bed, now he’s eager to get out and about. He has a new lease on life.”

Victoria and Charlie’s favourite activities include going to football matches, watching murder mysteries on television and spending Wednesdays at the woodworking programme.

Victoria said that Charlie has a ‘wonderful memory’ and often likes to quiz her.

“He loves being with his support workers. His other carers are great and all do different things with him. They agree that he’s really started to blossom,” said Victoria.

“The NDIS is very important, and we are very grateful that Carers and Disability Link could support him to make the most of this funding.”

Jen Quigley, Charlie’s sister, added that CADL and the direction of Marion Howell, Disability Services Co-ordinator, has availed a lifestyle to her brother like he has never enjoyed before.

Because his carers are long term, they are like family according to Jen.

“The exemplary care that my much loved brother’s carers provide means my mother and I can sleep easy in far north Queensland knowing that he’s well and truly cared for and supported. Otherwise I would stress and fret who would step up to the mark.”

Carers and Disability Link are a registered NDIS provider providing supports to clients in the community to help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves through their NDIS plans. 

They provide a range of services including: support co-ordination, plan management and direct care services, which helps participants with one on one or group support workers at home or out in the community. 

These supports can include a range of activities such as personal care, help around the home, mentoring, support to access the community, shopping assistance, social skills development, life skills development and a social group activities.

 CADL feel so proud seeing the gains that Charlie has made in his life with the help of his dedicated team of support workers and believe it’s an honour to be able to assist him to live a full life, as independently as possible.

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