Celebrating their Diamond Anniversary

Elsie and Chris Pietsch holding a photo of when they were married in 1962.

On April 28, Chris and Elsie Pietsch of Nuriootpa celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. 

The happy couple were married on April 28, 1962 at the Lutheran Church in Cambrai, followed by the reception at the town hall. 

“It was a typical country wedding,” Chris said.

Chris and Elsie have four children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren whom they are very proud of.

Chris, 83 and Elsie, 84 are mother and father to Joanne, Timothy, Nigel and Paul who now resides in America with his family. 

Whilst they have travelled around the world and moved to different towns across the state, the couple would make friends instantly, whether it be through a sporting club or at old style dancing sessions.  

Despite the couple being married for 60 years, the relationship grew strong from a young age.

“We have known each other for a long time,” Elsie told The Leader.

“We went to school together in Cambrai and back in those days there was just one teacher.

“It was only in 1958 when we really started to go around with each other,” Chris added.

In those days, Chris said the couple used to go dancing a lot, right up until they were 50.

“I used to be the MC so I was always up on stage,” Chris said.

“Because of that I could never get down in time to pick her up for a dance. But one night I pre-arranged it and I got my dance.”

After marriage, Chris and Elsie resided on Chris’ family farm in Kongolia.

“That’s where we built our small house as we could afford it, and when our children came along.”

After 12 and a half years on the farm, they began a new adventure in Booborowie where they lived for three and a half years.

“It was a wonderful, small, friendly community,” Elsie said.

“We arrived one weekend and a couple across the road were playing tennis, so Chris walked over and introduced us.

“The following Saturday we were in the team.

“It was a great welcome, because we were playing sport a lot,” Chris added.

“We are a very sporty family.”

After the three years Chris decided that he wanted to own his own farm, so they did just that at Robe.

Two years passed by and another opportunity arose to purchase a different farm just 12 kilometres away which was mainly pigs, cropping and shearing. 

“They were intense years workwise and at that stage you work for your family and try to have enough money to give them a start,” Chris said.

Later in 1988, Chris and Elsie moved to Nuriootpa and for 10 years Chris worked at the Nuriootpa Caravan Park.

He fully retired at the age of 60 and that is when the couple travelled.

Having the same interests such as country music, sport and dancing are just a couple of things which bought Chris and Elsie together.

Despite this, Elsie said the only thing they don’t share, is the same love for AFL teams.

“I support Hawthorn and Chris supports Carlton,” Elsie added.

“The main thing is that you are there to support each other,” Chris said. 

“We have been fortunate because every move that we have made has been the right one for us.

“We have a wonderful family and have a wonderful marriage.”

Chris and Elsie now reside at The Vines Retirement Estate in Nuriootpa. 

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