Car cruise raised $30,000

Members of the Kapunda Charity Car Cruise took off on Friday morning: Chantal Andrews and Bill O’Brien, Light Regional Council Mayor with Colin Bolt, Jacki Williams, Eric Altus, Lee Bolt and Robert Williams.

The Kapunda Charity Car Cruise raised $30,000 over the long weekend, which will go towards the upgrade of Kapunda Hospital’s surgical facilities.

Over the past four years of the event, the car cruise has raised well over $100,000 for their local hospital.

Ms Jacki Williams, co-organiser alongside Robert Williams, Colin Bolt, Michael Golding and Brian Grant, explained that they loved the idea behind Variety Bash SA, which has inspired their work for Kapunda Hospital.

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“After threats to shut down the Kapunda Hospital a few years ago, and the Barossa Hospital rumoured to be back on the cards again, we decided to take action and help,” said Jacki.

“A group of people at the bar of the North Kapunda Hotel one Friday night decided to take action… and we have!”

The long weekend in March has become the annual date for the car cruise.

This year, 46 people, including 10 newbies, piled into the 17 cars on the trip. 

Whilst most people were from Kapunda, there were a few from Gawler and Adelaide who joined in.

The group left Kapunda Hospital Friday morning after breakfast with the Kapunda Lions Club. 

They headed straight to Meningie, Palmer and Tailem Bend to spend some money, have fun and share how the Kapunda community are very supportive to other country towns.

Then on Saturday they travelled Meningie to Stathalbyn via Langhorne Creek.

Sunday night was the return home.

The group travelled from Strathalbyn to Kapunda for the event’s dinner and auction at Kapunda Bowling Club with around 100 people in attendance.

Jacki explained that the most special thing about the car cruise was having a group of people with a common goal and great passion for their local hospital and community.

“We meet great people, see different parts of the country and talk to people from other towns and see how they survive and support their towns,” said Jacki.

“We didn’t expect to raise the amount of money we have through the years. 

“This year we haven’t expected a great lot of money to be raised due to the bushfires, as that is very important to donate to the people in need.

“But it has been overwhelming to raise over $100,000 over the past few years!”