Break-in inspires generosity

Barossa Valley Brewing Company owner, Denham D’Silva and bartender, Alea Devine serve up a hot meal for anyone in need, following a break-in at the premises.

Anyone who has ever been broken into will be familiar with the awful feeling that it brings.

Whether the loss has been great or small, there is a sense of violation that can sometimes lead to anger and frustration.

Last week Barossa Valley Brewing Company in Tanunda experienced their first break-in in 15 years, and while the shock for owner, Mr Denham D’Silva, wife, Jacky and their family was acute, their reaction has been one of compassion rather than retribution, with plans set in motion to open their kitchen on a Tuesday to anyone who may be in need of a free meal.

“It’s not how you want to start your day but I definitely came away thinking this could have been so much worse,” said Denham of last Wednesday morning when he arrived at the brewery at about 7.30 a.m. to find a glass window shattered and a few items stolen, including alcohol.

“We’re living in a time when people are stressed and anxious and some don’t react the way that is probably the best… You could call the police, which we have, you could invest in more security, which we will, but really none of that addresses the root cause.”

It was whilst driving his son, Drake to school in Gawler later that morning that Denham decided he would use this opportunity to focus on what he was able to do to help the community, rather than just venting frustration.

“I think the wonderful thing about kids and being a parent is that it forces most people to be the best version of themselves,” said Denham.

“I had this drive and I was thinking okay, what is the best way to react? What is the way I would want my son to react? What is the lesson I want to take from this?”

Denham said he and brewery staff had already been considering how to reduce wastage in the kitchen, so using up excess food to give away to those who need it seemed like a timely solution.

Anyone who needs a meal for any reason will be welcome to visit the brewery on a Tuesday between 3 and 5 p.m. and take away a serve of wholesome cooking in a supplied biodegradable container or their own Tupperware, no questions asked.

“I want to stress that this isn’t just for people who are really down on their luck,” said Denham. 

“If this is going to remove a little bit of stress and make life a little bit easier then that’s a good thing.”

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