Barossans feature on national TV series

Michael Hing, comedian and host of “Where Are You Really From?”, with Stephen Henschke.

The Barossa Valley was the focus of last night’s episode of “Where Are You Really From?” an SBS television documentary hosted by comedian, Michael Hing.

The four part series is described as “playful but moving” and explores the complex issues of cultural heritage and identity, and the way our assumptions around what an Australian looks like impact our understanding of what it means to be Australian.

“Where Are You Really From?” aims to connect wider Australia to a history and to communities many people may not be aware of.

In the Barossa Valley episode Michael meets locals in his bid to learn about the forgotten history of the German speaking refugees and the fight to save the Barossa-German dialect passed down for nearly 200 years.

Locals will recognise many faces as Michael traverses the region, beginning at Ebenezer’s St. John’s Lutheran Church where he joins linguistic professor Peter Mickan who describes the Barossa Valley as a “language island”.

For the full story see the July 3 edition of The Leader.

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