Barossa reds keep Lucy coming back

Mrs Lucy White-Rathborne from Victoria is a very familiar face at the Barossa Vintage Festival and hasn’t missed one since she started attending in 1969.

Lucy, 89, is from Lorne, but calls the Barossa home for a week every two years.

She is the only one left from the original group of more than 20 who travelled from interstate every second year for the festival.

Lucy now travels with a different group of six friends, who all enjoy the event as much as she does and go home to boast about the great time they’ve had in the Barossa.

Lucy was on a business trip in Adelaide the first time she decided to come through the Barossa for the Vintage Festival and she has returned every second year since.

“We were on the business trip and decided this is the place to be,” Lucy said.

“We all really like it, and we get to enjoy good company.”

Although she doesn’t get around as fast as she did in the early days, Lucy still manages to visit many events while she’s in the Barossa.

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